Contact Center Features

LoopStart provides more contact center features that are customizable by user type. 

Many of our Platform features are unique to the Loopstart platform and are designed to save your clients money.

Agent - Availability Auto
The ability for a Contact Center Agent to receive inbound Queue calls automatically.
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Agent - Availability Once
The ability for a Contact Center Agent to receive a single inbound Queue call.
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Agent Device Selection
The ability to define whether an Agent is a Queue member based on their User profile, or specific devices....
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Agent Priority
The ability to define a Priority Level (1-99) for an Agent within a Queue. Agents may be assigned different...
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Agent Queue Membership - Login/Logout
The ability for a Contact Center Agent to log in/out of a Queue.
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Agent Simultaneous Calls
The ability to define the number of simultaneous Queue calls an Agent may handle on a per-Queue basis.
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Agent Simultaneous SMS
The ability to define the number of simultaneous SMS sessions an Agent may handle on a per-Queue basis.
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Agent Wrap Time
The ability to assign an automatic delay between handled calls. This is useful when Agents need to finish...
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Call Graphs
Reseller and Domain call graphs showing the average, max, and minimum calls handled within a given timeframe....
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Call History
The ability to look at detailed call history data (CDR) at various levels of the organization.
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Call Queue
The ability to place groups of agents into queue(s) in order to answer inbound calls in a particular...
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Contact Center Analytics
Dashboards for display within the Contact Center for large-scale viewing.
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Contact Center Call Disposition (Reason Codes)
The ability for an Agent to assign a Call Disposition (aka: Reason Code) to appear in the call reports....
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Contact Center Custom Statuses
The ability to assign detailed Agent status indicators beyond the default “lunch”, “break”, “available”,...
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Contact Center Portal
Dedicated portal for Agents & Supervisors that provides access to function-specific features: Queue...
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Contact Center Reports
Real-Time and Scheduled delivery of reports to Supervisors & Agents. There are several provided...
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External Agent
The ability to assign a PSTN number as an Agent. Although feature codes will not be functional, the Queue...
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External Agent Confirmation
The ability to require an External Agent to provide DTMF confirmation of them answering the call, to...
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Queue Availability
The ability for a Contact Center agent to make themselves available/unavailable to handle Queue calls....
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Queue Callback
The ability for queue calls to request a call back, rather than wait for an available agent.
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Queue Night Mode
The ability to shut down a queue and send inbound calls to an alternate destination. This function can...
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Queue Status Indicators
The ability for phone BLF buttons to monitor the status of a Queue.
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Queue Wait Time/Position
The ability to tell the caller their estimated wait time and/or position in queue, while on hold.
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Recording - Queue
The ability to record calls automatically, based on a set of rules.
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