Follow These Strategies for Success as a UCaaS Reseller 

Follow These Strategies for Success as a UCaaS Reseller

Ever wonder what sets successful UCaaS resellers apart from the rest? These five simple strategies, when followed, can transform a reseller’s aspirations into achievements. Check them out!  

Know Your Market  

A deep understanding of your potential client base is critical to success as a reseller. To do that, you’ve got to start by understanding the unique needs of businesses in various industries. Here are just a few:  

  • Industry-Specific Considerations: Each industry has its own set of requirements and regulations that you need to meet, like HIPAA compliance for healthcare organizations or specific data security measures for financial institutions. 
  • Location-Specific Requirements: Businesses operating in different regions may have varying regulatory requirements and technological infrastructure. Familiarize yourself with local regulations and ensure your offerings comply with relevant laws and standards.  
  • E911: Emergency services are a critical aspect of communication systems. Ensure your solutions support Enhanced 911 (E911) services to provide accurate location information in emergencies.  
  • Redundancy & Reliability Needs: Businesses rely on uninterrupted communication services. Assess your clients’ redundancy needs and offer solutions that ensure high availability and reliability.  

By identifying what your customers need or care about, you can tweak your offerings to address their specific challenges and provide actual solutions.  

Once that’s done, it’s time to craft your value proposition. It should discuss what you’re selling and why it matters to your customers. Be clear and specific, and show the benefits your customers will get from choosing you over someone else, like: 

  • Superior quality solutions 
  • Better pricing 
  • Outstanding customer service, or  
  • Unique features other providers don’t offer  

Whatever your strengths are, make sure they’re on full display.    

Leverage Technology   

In the rapidly evolving world of UCaaS, embracing the right technology is pivotal in driving your success for yourself and your customers. Internally, adopting more automation for day-to-day processes helps you become better and faster at:  

  • Spotting Opportunities: Let tech sift through data to find potential market opportunities, helping you stay ahead of the game.  
  • Providing Smooth Onboarding for Customers: Speed up the onboarding process for new customers, making it hassle-free and leaving a great first impression.  
  • Offering Instant Service Setup: Automate the provisioning of services for faster deployment, minimizing downtime for your clients.  
  • Sending Correct & Timely Bills: Say goodbye to billing errors with automated systems, saving time and ensuring transparent reporting.  

On the other hand, by adopting emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) integration or advanced analytics for your UCaaS platform, you can ensure your solution stays relevant in the face of evolving customer demands. It will establish you as an innovative and agile partner in a sea of other resellers who might be struggling to keep up. 

Develop a Sales Strategy  

A solid sales strategy is the cornerstone of effective communication and revenue generation. Identify optimal sales opportunities and channels to reach your target audience.  

For instance, consider employing direct mail campaigns if your audience leans towards those who appreciate tangible outreach. On the other hand, if they prefer face-to-face interactions, dive into the world of tradeshows.   

Regardless of your approach, be willing to experiment and diversify! After all, the average B2B consumer uses over 10 channels during the buying process. However, do so strategically, and feel free to eliminate channels that aren’t actively contributing to your growth.  

We’d recommend developing a visual sales pipeline to strengthen your strategy further. A visual sales pipeline provides a clear, at-a-glance overview of your sales process, so you can track:  

  • Leads  
  • Opportunities  
  • Conversions and more, without investing hours of time in compiling the data.  

It also allows you to quickly and easily monitor your progress, plan for future growth, identify areas for improvement and capitalize on emerging market trends.   

Provide Exceptional Customer Service  

In the competitive UCaaS market, exceptional customer service can set you apart. Especially because over 63 percent of B2B buyers report that their experiences with most providers fall short of what they know is possible, and 88 percent say that excellent service will guarantee their repeat business. But what makes an experience “exceptional?” These five things:  

  1. Multiple customer communication channels – phone calls, email, live chat, texting  
  1. Consistent levels of care across these channels  
  1. Fast (preferably human) responses  
  1. Agents that know the product and the caller’s history with your company  
  1. Issue resolution on the first call with minimal transfers  

If your business checks all five of those boxes, congratulations! You’re among the few companies meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations. But the best resellers know that you can’t rest on your laurels when it comes to your quality of service. You must maintain it weekly. Here are some ways to do it:  

  • Keep your agents trained and up-to-date on all your products and services.  
  • Build a system that gives your agents instant access to customer information and the power to solve problems immediately.  
  • Listen to agent feedback about scheduling and workloads and implement the best suggestions. After all, happy agents mean happy customers.  
  • Establish a system that allows you to collect and analyze customer feedback. 
  • Use it continuously to refine your processes and strategy. 

Being attentive to your customers and supportive of your agents helps establish stronger relationships with your clients. This eventually blossoms into brand loyalty, producing advocates who will help you drive business growth.   

Choose the Right Provider  

Choosing a telecom provider is one of the most critical decisions you can make as a UCaaS reseller. After all, their platform is going to be the foundation of your communication offering. Be sure you evaluate providers based on their:  

  • Breadth and quality of their solutions  
  • Flexibility  
  • Support structures  
  • Customization rules and policies  
  • Cost structures  
  • Overall goals and values 

It’s also important to find a provider that gives more power to the end users – allowing them to order new numbers, program their own IVRs, and more right from the platform! After all, customers appreciate the self-service model and probably don’t want to have to call you whenever they need to add new extensions, update a number, or re-record a voicemail. This will also save you time in the long run because you won’t have to constantly monitor and manage all your customers’ systems daily. 

Thankfully, with Loop Start, you get white glove service from the get-go, along with white label VoIP solutions that are reliable, cost-effective, self-service compatible, and backed by our team of experts.  

Become the Best UCaaS Reseller You Can Be With Loop Start  

By using these strategies – and choosing the right provider like Loop Start – you can position yourself as a competent and responsive UCaaS reseller in a world of mediocre providers. Ready to stand out from the crowd? Reach out today, and Loop Start will give you the tools, platform, and support you need to thrive no matter the market conditions. 

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