Discovering Additional Revenue Channels for MSPs with White Label VoIP Services 

Discovering Additional Revenue Channels for MSPs with White Label VoIP Services

Traditionally, managed service providers have relied on a handful of revenue streams to sustain their operations. One-time project fees, recurring service contracts, and hardware sales have been the bread and butter of many MSPs.   

These revenue sources have served them well in the past, but it’s time to prepare for the future. With technology advancing at a breakneck speed and customer expectations evolving, MSPs must diversify their revenue channels to guarantee long-term sustainability.  

One avenue that holds immense potential for MSPs is white-label VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. We’ll show you why.  

An Introduction to White Label VoIP 

First, let’s review VoIP technology. VoIP technology enables voice (and video) calls to be made over the internet, offering a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional phone systems. White-label VoIP services take this innovation a step further by allowing MSPs to rebrand and resell VoIP solutions under their own name. This allows them to tap into a lucrative market while maintaining their brand identity.  

The VoIP market is still on the rise! By 2031, experts predict it will grow more than 20 percent yearly and achieve a value of $327.5 billion.  

How to Unlock Additional Revenue Channels with White Label VoIP Services  

White label VoIP services open new revenue channels for managed service providers. Let’s explore some of the key opportunities:  

Service Bundling  

Service bundling is like creating a combo meal at a fast-food restaurant. You take different items and put them together to offer a complete package. For MSPs, this means combining VoIP services with their existing offerings. So, if you’re already providing IT support or managing networks for a business, you can add VoIP to the mix. This way, your clients get everything they need for communication and IT support in one package.  

Recurring Revenue Model  

Imagine having a subscription to your favorite streaming service. You pay a fixed amount every month, and in return, you get access to all the content you want. That’s precisely how a recurring revenue model works for MSPs offering white label VoIP services. Your clients pay a monthly fee for using VoIP, and you get a steady stream of income month after month. It’s predictable, reliable, and great for your business’s financial health.  

Consulting and Implementation Fees  

Think of yourself as a tech guru helping businesses set up their communication systems. Businesses may not know where to start when they want to switch to VoIP. That’s where you come in. You can offer your expertise in setting up and managing VoIP solutions. You’ll charge a fee for your time and knowledge, helping businesses smoothly transition to VoIP while earning extra income for yourself.   

Hardware Sales  

Just like how you might sell accessories like phone cases or chargers alongside a smartphone, you can sell hardware that complements VoIP services. This could include things like IP phones, routers, and other equipment needed for VoIP. By offering these products to your clients, you not only provide convenience but also add another revenue stream to your business.  

Value-Added Services  

Imagine going to a restaurant and getting complimentary appetizers or desserts along with your meal. That’s the kind of extra value you can provide alongside VoIP services. For example, you can offer security solutions to protect your clients’ communication systems from cyber threats. You could also offer monitoring services to ensure everything is running smoothly or analytics to help businesses track their communication trends. These additional services enhance the overall offering and make your VoIP package even more attractive to clients.  

By tapping into these additional revenue channels, MSPs can not only expand their service offerings but also increase their profitability and ensure long-term success in the competitive market.  

Expand Your Business and Make More Money with LoopStart  

If you’re thinking about offering white label VoIP services, you need to choose the right provider. Loop Start Technologies is an excellent option because we always put you first. We allow you to customize your services and set your own prices. Plus, they’ll always have your back if something goes wrong.  

Making the switch may seem daunting, but there are many potential benefits, including:  

  • Higher margins  
  • Greater flexibility  
  • Expert, accessible support   
  • Reduced risk of outage-related losses 

These benefits and more make the switch absolutely worth it. So why stick with the same old thing when you can have something better? Contact LoopStart today to start your journey towards great profitability and sustained success

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